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Custom Domain Settings

You can access the settings of custom domains you add to your account by going to Dashboard > Settings > Custom Domains. Mouse over the domain you wish to edit and click the settings icon, on the right side.

When a visitor arrives at a link on the given domain, but that link does not exist, e.g. because the corresponding campaign has ended and has been unlinked, you have two options:

  • Return a 404 Not Found page – a simple no-branding 404 page
  • Redirect to… – you can set a URL to redirect the user

Tip: consider creating a permanent interactive experience that will serve as a 404 page. Then you can keep users engaged even when they land somewhere that no longer exists.

Did You Know: you can also specify redirect logic for offline experiences on the experiences themselves. See When Offline Redirect To.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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