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Eloqua API Addon

The Eloqua API addon allows you to use the Eloqua API to push contacts generated through your Interactive Experiences to your Eloqua instance.

How to enable It

  1. Open the Store on the left sidebar of the Editor
  2. Search for “Eloqua”
  3. Drag the Eloqua API addon onto your project to enable it
  4. Create a new Eloqua API addon and give it a name, e.g. My Eloqua Instance
  5. Follow the settings below and configure the addon


Once you have created your Eloqua API addon you will have to connect it to your Eloqua instance. To do this, click the “Connect” button and follow the instructions in the popup window. If you do not see any pop-up window, please make sure your browser is allowing Dot.vu to open new windows.

Unbind from Page

All addons on Dot.vu are, by default, bound to a single page only. This means that the addon will be enabled and configured only on the page you have added it to.

If you want to use the Eloqua API addon, you have created on other pages you need to unbind it from the page. In turn, the Eloqua API addon will be available across other pages. Whenever you want to use an unbound addon from another page, you can simply select it from the global addons list.

You can find the “Unbind from Page” button at the top bar of the addon screen. Simply click it to make it available across other pages.


Once your Addon is enabled and configured, you get access to the following action with which you can interact with the addon:

Add Contact

Use this action when you want to push a contact to Eloqua. By using this action you will have the option to select which Contact Fields you want to update. The “Add Contact” action work as an upsert operation. This means that it will add new contacts if they do not exist in your Eloqua instance and it will update contacts if they already exist.

Updated on October 27, 2021

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