Upload image

You can use the Upload image action to send a locally obtained image to the cloud, which then gives you the URL of that image as a result.

Upload Image

Uploads a local image from a datafield to the cloud and retrieves its URL, and both the status of the upload as well as the resulting URL can be written to other datafields.

Settings Source. Select a value from an image datafield to be uploaded.
Results Status. You can select a text datafield where the Upload Image action will write its current status; this is helpful to for example provide a loading state while the image uploads; the possible values are: uploading, done, failed.
Result. Select a text datafield where the resulting URL of the image in the cloud will be written to.

What Is A Local Image

A local image is an image that only exists for now on the client’s device, so it does not yet have a public URL in the cloud.

Here’s the list of components and actions on Dot.vu that can create local images:

  • The Camera component
  • The Drawing component
  • The Snapshot action
Updated on November 22, 2021

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