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All About Data

Your campaigns on Dot.vu collect different types of data.

Audience Data

Audience data is a set of data fields associated to each of your users.

Your interactive customer experiences collect audience data whenever your users participate, submit a form, play a Marketing Game, or go through an Interactive Video.

Furthermore, you can use actions to modify Audience data fields in an Interactive Experience.

Examples: email, name, segment, answer to a question, game score.

How To Create Fields And Collect Audience Data

How To View And Export Audience Data

Session Data

Session data is a set of data fields that play a key role in the logic of the Interactive Experience, while it also helps with storing configuration, such as default texts, image assets, and colors.

This data only exists on the user’s device and during a browser session. Therefore, it is discarded when the session ends.

Just like Audience data, you can use actions to modify Session data fields in an Interactive Experience.

Examples: game speed, current score, primary color, the logo image.

Analytics Data

Use Analytics data to monitor the performance of your interactive customer experiences. And at the center of Analytics Data, are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Your projects automatically collect Default KPIs, such as the number of users and the number of sessions. But with Custom KPIs, which are specific to each Interactive Experience, you can get dedicated metrics for measuring success.

Examples: number of sessions, new users, new contacts, a custom KPI metric.

How To Define Custom KPIs

How To View KPI Results

Updated on June 26, 2023

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