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Can’t Find The Template You Need?

We are constantly adding new templates with new concepts, new designs and the latest fashion, often accompanying by new features.

However, it may be you cannot find the perfect template for your current needs. Worry not! There are still at least three ways to get you going!

1. Tweak A Similar Template

You can try to find a template that is in some ways similar to what you wish to accomplish. For example it may share any of the following similarities:

  • a particular type of concept you want to explore
  • a certain layout, or look and feel
  • content structure or navigation
  • only interested in a part of it, for example to embed in a website or blog

If you do find a similar template to what you wish to accomplish, you can then change it as much as you want using the Editor, which gives you full design freedom.

You can also take different parts of templates and combine them. For example you can use the layout and design of one template but swap an interactive content piece on it with one from another template. For this you must use the template parts feature.

2. Start With A Blank Page

If you have mastered or wish to master the full potential of the Editor, you can be bold and start with a blank page. For that, create a new project, select Use the Editor… and then on the top right corner click Start with a blank canvas.

Tip: even when starting with a blank page, you can speed up your work by using the template parts feature for ready made blocks of layout and content, along with all the marketing apps and components.

3. We Do It For You

No time? No worries. We can do it for you.

Just get in contact with our support via the Live Chat option on the bottom right corner of your screen, or via email to info@dot.vu, and a sales representative will get in touch with you to help you get started.

Updated on November 19, 2018

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