Custom Fonts

You can add custom fonts to your account. This is an important step for you to be able to fully customize and brand your interactive experiences on

How To Add A Custom Font

  1. Click on any font dropdown setting to expand it.
  2. Then click the “Manage Fonts” button at the bottom of the dropdown, to open the Font Manager.
  3. Click “Add Fonts” or simply drag and drop your font files onto the Font Manager. The supported file formats are .otf, .ttf and .woff.
  4. Close the Font Manager
  5. The uploaded fonts will be available on the opened font dropdown.

Enterprise Fonts

Please contact support if you wish to have one or more fonts available to all accounts of your Enteprise account.

Font Is Missing After Cloning Project

If you clone a project to an account that does not have one or more of the fonts the project uses, those fonts will be missing on the cloned version, because fonts do not get copied from one account to another.

You can however upload the same font files to this other account, and the project will automatically pick them up and use them.

Updated on September 6, 2022

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