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Cut, Copy And Paste Content

Any content, including layout, on your project can be copied and pasted except columns. This means you can copy from a single image, to an entire row with columns and a variety of content, including marketing apps.

How To Copy Or Cut Content

  1. Right-click the component you wish to copy
  2. Select the Copy or Cut option

Rememberyou can copy or cut content from one stage to any other stage. Just copy or cut the content you wish to paste elsewhere, then navigate to that stage, and proceed with pasting.

How To Paste Inside Other Content

If you already have content to paste that is not a flying container, then:

  1. Right-click the column or floating container where you wish to paste
  2. Select the Paste option

If you want to paste a flying container, you can paste it onto any component, and not just columns or floating containers.

Paste Outside The Layout

Sometimes you want to paste a whole section at the bottom of the current stage and not inside the existing layout, or simply if the stage is empty like when you add a new Question stage to Quiz.

For this, simply press the Paste button on the left sidebar and your copied or cut content will be pasted after any existing layout on the current stage.

Updated on September 16, 2018

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