Here is how you can navigate between stages in the Editor.

Page Overview

On the top left corner of the editor, click Page Overview.

  • It shows a tree structure of all your stages
  • The orange border circles are your Page and Apps
  • The gray border circles are the stages
  • The red filled circle marks your current location
  • You can click on any circle to navigate to that location

Tip: the Page Overview is useful when: you arrive in the Editor on a new project; you want to jump to a stage that not currently on the breadcrumb; or you want to see an overview to better understand the location of the current stage your are in.

Right after the Page Overview, you can find the Breadcrumb navigation.

  • It shows the path you are in starting from a page stage
  • It follows the following structure of locations
    • Page > page stage > App > app stage > App > app stage
  • You can click on any location to navigate to it
  • You can click on the dropdown arrows to navigate to other stages of those locations

Tip: this is the best way to navigate backwards or sideways.

Entering Apps

You can of course enter the stages of apps using the Page Overview.

But if you are in the stage that contains the app within its layout, you can instead:

  • Right click the app to open its context menu and click the Enter to Edit button
  • or just double click the app

Tip: when inside an app, use the Breadcrumb to get back and out of it.

Updated on September 16, 2018

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