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Creating And Using Template Parts

Template Parts are exactly that, parts of a template.

They can be from a small group of components that include a row with columns and some text, to a more complex setup with animations, hidden content.

The reason why you should use and create template part, is to speed up your work and not get bogged down creating the same layout, and the same stylings, and the same content again and again.

How To Create A Template Part

You can create a Template Part from any component except columns.

Typically, you want to aggregate your content in a single row, and create the Part Template from that row. So to create a part template:

  1. Right-click the component you wish to create the template from, to open its context-menu
  2. Click the Create Template option
  3. Name the template something that you can easily recognize later
  4. Use the location dropdown to choose if the template should be available only to you (My Templates) or other users of this Dot profile
  5. Optionally, give it a description to help better identify what it is or what it is for
  6. Optionally, click Choose Image to upload and add a thumbnail image to the template (you can take a snip of it first in the editor)
  7. Click Create when you are done

How To Use Template Parts

To use the standard Template Parts as well as those you have created by:

  1. Open the Content Panel from the left sidebar
  2. Click the Template Parts tab
  3. Browse the standard Template Parts or the ones you have created or have been made available on your Dot profile, under My templates


Updated on September 16, 2018

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