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With the Versions Manager feature, you have the ability to revert your project to any of your saved versions, giving you peace of mind and the ability to experiment with different changes without permanently affecting your project.

A Project version includes your project configuration (Layout, Actions, Rules, etc) and Addons. Please note that Global Addons are not part of a project version as reverting them would have impact on your other projects.

The Versions Manager feature also includes 2 additional automatic versions, the “Editor Session Start Point (Automatic)” and the “Version Before Last Revert (Automatic)”, which will be explained later.

How to access the Versions Manager

The Versions Manager feature is available in the Editor. When opening your project in the Editor, you can open the Version Manager by clicking in the save button’s 3 dots and selecting “Version Manager”.

How to create a version

You are allowed to create 2 versions per project. To create a new version follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Versions Manager”
  2. Click on the “Create Version” button.
  3. Enter a name for the version and click “Save”.

Please note that your project will be automatically saved before creating a new version. This is to ensure that your latest changes are applied to this version.

Currently, the Versions Manager feature allows you to create up to 2 user-created versions of your project.

How to Revert to a version

In case you made any mistakes and you are not able to recover your work you can revert to a previously created version. To revert to a version follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Versions Manager”
  2. Choose the version you want to revert to and click “Revert” in the options menu.
  3. Confirm the action and your project will be restored to the selected version.

Please note that when you revert your project to another version all data will be reset. This date includes: Project Audience Data, Analytics Data and any data collected by you project Addons.

Automatic Versions

Your project may include versions that were automatically created for you. These versions are:

  • “Editor Session Start Point (Automatic)”: This version is automatically created every time you open the project editor. If have made any mistakes in the editor session, you can revert to this version – which will give you back the version you first loaded.
  • “Version Before Last Revert (Automatic)”: this version is automatically created every time you revert to another version. This is to ensure that if you have mistakenly reverted your project, you can recover your work.
Updated on January 31, 2023

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