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Channel Monitoring With Custom Tracking

You can use Custom Tracking for when you want to also separately track Dot analytics per communication channel, including things like number of visitors, shares and conversions / contacts created.

For example, you could want to broadcast a campaign…

  • on one or more pages on your website
  • and on a post on social media
  • as well as via an email to your existing audience

And so to setup custom tracking:

  1. Open the Page Settings
  2. Go to the Custom Tracking tab
  3. Select a tracking tag such as Homepage, Social Posts or Email
  4. Give a tracking name e.g. Summer Newsletter
  5. Click Add trackable URL
  6. And then repeat steps 3. to 5. for each channel to track

This will create URLs with different endings that you can then use on the different channels. Notice that if you are using a custom domain that you should instead append the given “?…” text to the domain and page path that you have configured.

Updated on September 14, 2018

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