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Rows And Columns

Adding A Row

  1. Open the Layout menu on the left sidebar
  2. Choose a row – you can change the number and size of columns later
  3. Click and drag that row onto your layout
  4. Drop the row where you wish to place it, and orange marker will guide you

Adding A Column To A Row

  1. Right click the row to open its context menu
  2. Click the Add column option

Deleting A Column

  1. Right-click the column you wish to delete to open its context menu
  2. Click the Delete option

Shortcut: you can instead just click the column to select it and press the delete key on your keyboard

Resizing Columns

To resize two columns you can click and drag the | marker between them, but for changing the width of a single column, and also for exact precision:

  1. Right-click a column to open its context menu
  2. Open the Column Style menu
  3. Change the Width setting value

Tip: to copy the same with to multiple columns, use the format brush on the width setting and then click on other columns to change their width. Click Finish when done.

Sorting Columns

To sort columns simply click and drag one to the desired location inside its row. You cannot move columns from one row to another, move the column content instead.

Alternatively, you can use the List View menu from the right sidebar to sort columns, which can be useful if the columns are very long and contain a lot of content.

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Updated on September 16, 2018

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