Layout Mode

With Layout mode you can visualize the boundaries of your layout. This is particularly useful when you want

  • to drag in new components to be placed on the layout
  • to right-click components to access their context menus
  • to move and sort layout and content around

Toggle Layout Mode On And Off

You can enable or disable the layout mode by clicking the Layout mode icon.

Change Layout Mode Boundary Color

When you need more contrast between the boundaries and the current stage background, if layout mode is enabled, you can click through the colors of the color circle on the side of the Layout mode icon, to change the color of the layout boundaries.

Automatic Layout Mode

In various situations, Layout mode will be turned on automatically if not already on.

For example, if you start dragging in a new component while Layout mode is disabled, it will automatically be enabled so that you can see where to drop the new item.

Updated on September 16, 2018

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