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Styling Your Content

You can change the style of pretty much all your project’s content.

Change The Style Of A Component

  1. right-click it to access its context menu
  2. find one or more style settings to edit the available styling options

Learn How To Use Each Style Setting

Why Multiple Style Menus?

Most components will have a container style menu, which is styling that is applied to its rectangular limits.

Some components however will also have specific style settings, such as:

  • images will also have image style
  • buttons will also have button style
  • input fields will also have input style

To understand the difference between container style and component-specific style, imagine a button: the space between that button and anything around it, is a setting of its container style; but the space between the end of the button and its internal text is a setting of its button style, because it is specific to buttons.

Follow the link below to learn how to use each style setting, along with common patterns, tips and tricks.

Container Style Settings


Updated on February 7, 2020

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