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What Are Components

Components are pieces of layout or content that can be added to your project, and which you can right-click to access their component context menu which allows you to style and configure them.

Basic Components

Basic components are components that are simply drag and drop to add, and then right-click to configure, and that’s it. Among them you will find:

  • Layout rows, columns, floating containers
  • Media – text, image, video, shapes
  • Social like and share buttons, comments, for different social media platforms
  • Tools – buttons, inputs, and other more advanced components
  • App Specific – Interactive Apps may have specific components that can only be used inside them. For example, an Interactive Video can have timed containers, which is a special type of floating container that can only be used inside an Interactive Video.

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Interactive Apps

Interactive Apps are a special type of component that

  • have internal stages that you can navigate and edit
  • may generate data automatically, such as the answers given on a Quiz
  • can have app-specific settings within them and within their stages
  • can have App Specific components (see Basic Components, above)

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Updated on June 26, 2023

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