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Wizard vs Editor

Template Wizards offer a step by step, easy to use, form-like way of configuring the content and the style of a template, whereas using our Editor is a drag-and-drop, click-to-configure experience, that gives you full control over the layout, design, content and even logic of your page.

Should I Use A Template Wizard Or The Editor?

You try to find and use a Template Wizard when:

  • you want to get an interactive content experience configured and LIVE as easy and as fast as possible
  • you don’t wish to use time dealing with design details
  • you are satisfied with the options the Template Wizard provides


  • you have found a template that is almost what you want

If you find Template Wizard that is just missing a tweak here and there, you can first configure it using the Template Wizard to get the basics and the content done fast in a form-like manner and when ready click Edit in advanced mode, to convert the template into an Editor version, so you can tweak any last details using the Editor.

In any other situation, the Editor is the way to go, with a longer learning curve that is payed off with full editing freedom and control over your content.

Updated on November 22, 2021

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