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Change Your Page Extension

The extension of a page is simply the part of the Dot.vu page URL that identifies that page, like so (extension in bold):


However when you create a new project, that extension will be a sequence of characters that mean nothing.

You can change the extension to a human friendly format that will help you and others identify which page it is, for example if you share the URL with other colleagues. To change the extension of a page:

  1. Open the Page Settings
  2. Click on the URL tab
  3. Type in the extension you wish to use. Only lower case characters and “-” dashes are allowed
  4. Click Confirm and then Yes, save and redirect (will redirect you to the new URL)
  5. Important: if your page was already LIVE, you must republish it as well for the change to complete

Does The Page Extension Affect SEO?

No. Unless you use a Custom Domain, your pages will not be crawled by search engines. And if you use a custom domain, then the Dot.vu url should only be used for internal purposes.

Learn How To Setup A Custom Domain

Updated on September 14, 2018

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