Get Inspired

You may have from a specific need to a broad objective, but you are unsure which interactive content experience will best serve you.

Maybe you have an idea for an interactive video or interactive conversation, but you don’t know how it will feel. Perhaps you want to entertain and thrill your audience, but are unware of our latest marketing games. Or it could be all you really need right now is something new, something different, as you may even dare to create new concepts by combining existing tools! No matter where you want to go, we are here to inspire you with a realm of possibilities.

Content Types

Check out our content types to get an overview of what interactive content may do for you. In each content type you can:

  • get an overview of what it is and why you should use it
  • experience LIVE embedded examples
  • find what templates and wizards we recommend

Customer Examples

Check out our customer examples and get inspired with the success stories of some of our clients, because nothing beats a good reality check.

The Dot Platform

Another way to get inspired is to know what the Dot Platform can do for you. From the basic facts such as we host it for you and that you can use your content as standalone pages or embedded on a website, to a glimpse at the powerful features of our Editor, and even understanding how to capture leads and data, and personalize the experiences you create.

Need Expert Advice?

Still don’t know where to start or what interactive content experience to launch next?Get in contact with one of our interactive content experts to help you achieve your goals.

Updated on September 14, 2018

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