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Top Reasons For Using Dot.vu

Any campaign. Any concept. Any idea.

Dot.vu is an Interactive Content platform where you can create engaging Interactive Content Experiences.  

However, unlike strict templated solutions, with Dot.vu you can go beyond rigid templates and create tailored campaigns and Interactive Content that perfectly suits your needs. From custom page logic to seamless third-party integrations, Dot.vu empowers you to deliver engaging experiences that stand out.  

Learn About Our Platform

Interactive Content

Interactive Content is online content that you can use to engage with your audience.  

It is memorable, entertaining and offers a wide range of content types for immersive experiences and valuable data collection.  

Experience Interactive Content firsthand! Explore our curated list of Interactive Content types and witness its transformative power in action. 

Browse Our Interactive Content Types

No IT development

With Dot.vu, launching Interactive Content is a breeze – no coding required!   

We understand that technology shouldn’t slow you down; it should be your ally in speeding up the process so that you can focus on what matters: your content strategy, the Interactive Experience you want to create for your audience, getting the results you wish to… and staying well within budget.  

Say goodbye to unnecessary headaches and embrace a smoother content creation journey with Dot.vu. Let your creativity soar as you effortlessly bring your ideas to life! 

Easy to get started

We’ve crafted a step-by-step welcome into our platform, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.  

Get started effortlessly by choosing one of our templates to – gently – hit the ground running so you can have a branded and complete experience ready in no time, without the need for any coding or spending too much time on details.  

When you’re ready to take customization to the next level, our Editor awaits, offering complete control and the ability to achieve what you envision using the wonders that are drag-and-drop and click-to-configure.  

Our dedicated help.dot.vu resource will be right by your side, guiding every step.     

We’re here to support you and ensure your experience with us is exceptional. 

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Updated on July 3, 2023

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