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Getting Started With Dot

Whether you’re a busy marketer who needs lightning fast results, or an agency who needs full control over design and logic. We have the tools to match your needs.

Templates and Wizards

Dot.vu provides a wide range of templates accross many interactive content types to give you a good head start.

Templates are ready made content that only require you to add your branding, such as logo, colors and any other design aspects, and customizing the content itself, such as the questions and answers of a personality test. Templates are also very modular, so you can remove and add new parts very easily.

Furthermore, some of our templates are available in the form of Wizards, which allow you to configure them in a very intuitive, step by step, form-like manner. A Wizard is likely the best way for you to get started.

Browse Our Templates And Wizards


If you wish to unlock full design freedom, customize page logic and behavior, or you want to create something new, our powerful Editor has got you covered.

All content created with Dot.vu can be editted with our Editor, including content initially configured using one of our Wizards. Get started with using our Editor and become pro at creating interactive content experiences.

I’m In The Editor. What Now?


On the Dashboard, you can organize all your projects, access real time analytics, browse and export collected data, as well as manage a variety of features such as custom domains and enabling third party integrations.

There you also have access to the administrative tools, such as managing user roles, account settings, subscription and billing.

We can also do it for you

Busy, busy. We know that today’s demand for content has put significant stress in every marketing department. Worry not, we can do it for you so you can focus on strategy, brand and managing your campaigns.

Updated on September 14, 2018

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